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Senile Old Lady Ramblings

Holy crap it's November! What have I been doing?

I've recently played a LOT of Overwatch since I wanted Halloween loot boxes but was too cheap to buy them. I got most of the stuff I wanted but dear Gawd I play terribly. I'm the doofus that does things like accidentally flying over a ledge and falling while playing Mercy, plays Torbjorn and throws armor packs under the payload cart where no one can reach them, plays Zarya and hits myself in the face with my own particle cannon grenade things (which probably helped the Mercy behind me to get an insane amount of healing done that round) and I should just never play a character that requires aiming since I can't hit the broad side of a barn even if I'm inside the barn at the time. Sometimes I think that for the good of potential teammates I should stop but then I get the urge to rollerblade while pushing people into a well and that seems like something best done in video game format.

I think I had a birthday at some point. There was a cake anyways. Cake is awesome.
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